About us

Nineteen years ago Martin Walsh, the founder of I-DoProductions was asked to film his sisters wedding in Rome.  At the time he was working as a TV producer in Singapore. He wanted to make the wedding film the best anyone had ever seen, and so filmed it as a professional project, the results of which sowed the seed to a wedding film business that has filmed nearly 900 weddings and events to date.

We’re proud and very touched to share with you that over the years the feedback Martin and his team have received is exceptional.  With a friendly, honest and professional approach – we know this is the most important day of your life and we treat every wedding as if we are filming for our own family.

You’re getting married to the person who means the most to you. That calls for a wedding video to remember – one that is truly unique and will capture the magic of your ‘big day’. We will use our TV broadcast experience to capture not only all the key elements of your wedding but also those extra special natural and spontaneous moments that not everyone can take in during the excitement of the day. We have an eye for those special details – leave it all to us.

We are discreet; using our experience to work in the background yet capture those special moments you only get one chance at.  You can enjoy your day with friends and family while we capture the atmosphere and ambience you’ve planned so hard for.

All the sights and sounds will be captured – you will hear your vows as clearly as possible, speeches will be covered with broadcast microphones, the sounds of the music on the day (like a string quartet or the birds in the trees) will all be subtly incorporated into your film.  It’s essential for us that we keep the natural sounds of the day, as they will bring back the feel of the day’s atmosphere when you watch the film for years to come.

Our favourite line from so many couples is – ‘We didn’t even notice you were there’.